The Secret to Eternal Youth

An excerpt from the Autobiography of The Avatar on His time wandering the length and breadth of India prior to the year 2000

An incident which actually happened. I was staying in a place called Potala in Tibet. It is the place where Dalai Lamas live. It is in the border between Nepal and Tibet. The place actually begins there. Even now Lamas are living there.

When I had been there – it is an ashram where Buddhist monks live – a Lama told me, 'Master, there are many aged Lamas in this Ashram; in this ashram lamas live very long; if you want to see any of them, you can see that person who is working in the field out there. He is an aged monk.' I could not believe because he was working in the field. As a very healthy and strong man, he was working in the field. But still due to curiosity I went and asked him, "Master, they say that you are very aged; can you share any of your experiences with us?"

He said laughingly, 'Did they tell you that I am an aged person? I am only middle-aged. I am merely 136 years old. There are many here who are 180 and 200. You can go and see and speak with them.'

It was surprising to me. But factually, from the medical aspect, there is certificate to prove that his age is 136. The date of birth certificate; as per their own method, have dated and kept it. There is the certificate from the medical aspect. But it was surprising to see! I asked him, "Master, how is this possible?" He says, 'Right from childhood we believe that man's life is for 300 years. This only was given to us as a lesson from our childhood itself'. From the childhood itself they all know these yogam and all that. 'As per Yoga Shastra, man's longevity is a minimum of 300 years. We are habituated to Yoga Shastra from our childhood itself. In the same way as we cook, drink coffee as soon as we get up and go to office, practising Yoga shastra, practising pranayama, meditation etc. have become our daily routine activity'.

Since it has become a daily activity, in the same way as you consume food for the body, they give prana energy to body and the soul.



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Autobiography Of The Avatar from KAILASA

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