Nithya Satsang — Experience Kailaasa With Simple Integrity!


29 Aug 2019, Thursday, time: IST (Morning post 7.20 am) — NITHYA SATSANG, Everyday morning discourse by His Divine Holiness Nithyananda Paramashivam. (Duration: 58 min)

Nithyanandeshwara Samarambham

Nithyanandeshwari Madhyamam

Asmadacharya Paryantam

Vande Guru Paramparaam

I welcome you all with my love and respects.

I welcome all the devotees, disciples, Samajis, Satsangis, Sri Mahants, Mahants, Kotharis, Thanedars, visitors, viewers, sitting with us all over the world in all temples, embassies, universities, aadheenams. I welcome all of you with my love and respects.

Today I will expand on how Kailaasa is:

Understand: Realising, internalising how Kailaasa is, will directly make you manifest Powers. The Space of Kailaasa explodes in you as Powers. Before explaining and giving you the experience of Kailaasa, I wanted to make you understand some of the fundamental truths.

Understand: Just sit with a simple integrity.

Understand: Your simple Integrity does not demand anything from you. All I need is just this next one hour or one and a half hours, the time you are going to spend sitting and listening to Satsang, decide: I will have the simple Integrity to Swamiji, that’s all.

I don’t need your money, I don’t need your time, I don’t need anything from you after this one hour. This one hour also, I just need your time and you sitting maybe one hour or one and a half hours, I don’t know how much time it will take…Till the end of this satsang.

Decide: Till the end of this Satsang, I give my Simple Integrity to Swamiji; I declare my simple integrity… means, I will listen and internalize what He is trying to convey, that’s all.

Remove all the pressure of delusions and stupidity. The constant calculations you go on doing…Understand: All Maths you do just to get depressed. All your Maths: If I declare my integrity, will he tell me to give all my property, will he tell me to give up my girlfriend, will he tell me to give up what I want to do, will he tell me to give away something I like very much…?

Understand: all these calculations are stupidity.

I am not going to ask you anything. I also give you my integrity; very integrated commitment. This whole Satsang, I will only give you the experience of Kailaasa, I am not going to ask you anything. Just experience Kailaasa because it is too beautiful and one of the important thing is Kailaasa does not have a gate! It neither has a gate nor has a door. It is a open, free entry for all. There is no qualification, predetermined condition for Kailaasa.

You see: only in Indra loka, Brahma loka, Vaikunta and all, all these qualifications like only devatas can enter…like that many qualifications. But in Kailaasa, bhootas, prethas, pishachas, all kinds of people are allowed free! Some bhootas make even Paramashiva run around. He is such a bholenatha, he opens himself for all. This Bhasmasura goes and takes the boon, on whosoever head I put my hand, they should be burnt to ashes. Can Shiva be burnt to ashes? But this fellow tries to play game with Shiva. Using the same boon he got from Shiva, Paramasiva just plays the game just to prove that his boons are real. Just for that he also runs around and tries to show the drama. Not that he has to save himself from Bhasmasura. How can fire be burnt. But he has to prove that the boon he gave is really really real. Bhasmasura should feel job satisfaction that he did tapas and he got the boon. So just for that; to keep that principle alive, he also tries to run around, and then Vishnu comes and burns the Bhasmasura…All of you know that remaining story.

Even that kind of fools get free entry! That’s all I am trying to convey. Understand: Kailaasa does not have any gate, like Bidadi only! You may think Bidadi has too many gates… But no compound wall! How many ever gates maybe… but there is no compound all! And Bidadi cannot be compounded!

Let’s worship Mahaganapathi. Mahaganapathi is gracing all of us for Ganesha Brahmotsava in Bidadi. Let’s receive his blessings and then enter into the satsang.

Listen intensely: One of the greatest blessing I had in my life was, I was literally really in love with Arunagiri Yogishwara my Guru when I was listening to him. When I was listening, I was really in love with him. There was no calculation, Maths. All I know is, I am blessed even to get this space with him. Over.

And if my Guru has said: After the end of this satsang, your life is going to end, everything is over, even then I would have decided to be with him; I would have said that is absolutely ok for me, Take the life, let me be here with you. I was ready to pay my life to have that one sitting with him. I was very clear: My life is too small to pay for his presence. I was absolutely clear: If he demands my life, I will, without even having second thought or any Maths, I’ll just give him, because I know the logic with which he was functioning is worthy of paying millions of lives.

Understand: Every penny you acquire you can enjoy till your this life. Every powerful cognition you acquire, you can enjoy as long as you exist. Accumulation of Powerful Cognitions is the most important life, purpose, that is the most important life goal. That is the greatest life wealth.

Understand: Whenever we are beaten agitated, flare up, how our energy responds to our self, world, and Cosmos and God, if that is based on powerful cognitions, you are living Enlightenment.

The logic with which my Guru was functioning was absolutely delicious. It was absolutely ecstatic. I was ready to pay not one, multiple lives to him to receive that.

Understand: My simple declaration of my Integrity to my Guru, even though he neither demanded anything before the Satsang or after the Satsang…

He just mapped Kailaasa into my inner space. Lifted me to Kailaasa, brought Kailaasa to me. I’ll literally do that to all of you now. I’ll lift you all to Kailaasa and bring Kailaasa to you.

Listen. Listen intently. You can have 1000 reason why you should be integrated; you can have 1000 reason why you should not be integrated. If you decide for Integrity, you can lift yourself to Kailaasa and bring Kailaasa to you. It is all about your simple decision, that’s all. Nothing else Decision. Simple decision.

When you make simple declaration of Integrity, the spiritual Umblical Chord between you and Paramashiva is immediately connected.

Like a electric shock, the Kailash energy enters into you. I tell you, the Kailaasa in Ohio, in 2004, I named the Kailaasa in Ohio, as Prayag, when I went to inaugurate. That time I made a statement. Allahabad, the original Prayag, lost its name Prayag and it was called Allahabad for last maybe three or four five hundred years. I don’t know. Atleast few hundred years. When I named the Ohio as Prayag, I said: “I tell you, even the original Prayag, Allahabad, is going to get its name back.” Nobody believed because in India, the Islamic name can never be changed. It is almost impossible. Impossible. Especially Allahabad. Such important city. Never anybody expected. (Picture below is taken on 7 Oct 2007, during Inauguration of the temple in Ohio, USA by His Divine Holiness)

But I saw at that moment, when I gave the name, that Umblical chord Connection between ma and Kailaasa like electric shock got established and this information was revealed to me. We have a video record. We have a video record: Me declaring in Ohio. In 2004, the Allahabad itself lost its name Prayag 450 years ago. It seems 1575 was the time it was named as Allahabad. It lost the name Prayag, 450 years ago. And no one expected ever, at that time. But now, it’s only 15 years… 2004 I think I declared, when Ohio temple was inaugurated! And now it is already Prayag!

Because at that time that information was passed on to me, the spiritual umblical chord connection between me and Kailaasa was alive. Like a shock that information entered into me. And that very shock I installed as a energy, temple in Ohio, Prayag. That is why that temple is a Kshetra. Ohio is a Kshetra. Kailaasa’s direct energy. Directly Kailaasa landed on Ohio. We should install a huge Akashabhairava in Ohio. I’ll send it. Because Akahasabhairava, Kalabhairava gave darshan in Ohio in Vishwaroopa!

Understand: Simple Integrity immediately connects you with Kailaasa.

I neither expected nor doubted or had fear or greed, planning or frustration, nothing. Simply I was in love with my Guru Arunagiri Yogishwara. I said I am going to be integrated to him, that’s it.

That simple Integrity does something to the Consciousness. The doors of Kailaasa opened. I tell you…I tell you: The Kailaasa can be mapped into all of our Consciousness.

Understand: When I declared my Simple Integrity to my Guru, all the Powerful Cognitions he acquired became simply part of me. Without doing any tapas, his Powerful Cognitions became my Powerful Cognitions because I just know: What he likes I will like, what he hates I will hate, what he wants I will want, what he does not want I will not want, over!

I tell you: I will never hate you. I will only hate the part of you which you need to hate to become Paramashiva. To become Paramashiva, you need to clean up some of the… some of the things you carry. You need to detox. Those toxins you need to hate and remove it from you; toxic mental setup or toxins whatever. So what you need to hate and get rid for you to become Paramashiva only that I’ll hate, nothing else. I’ll never hate you.

But if you associate yourself with that component which you need to get rid of, suffering Is the only decision you are making. That, nobody can change.

That is why I am saying: Simple integrity to Guru: liking what he likes, hating what he hates… Suddenly you will see millions and millions of powerful cognitions Guru has accumulated with his tapas with his struggle, hard work, everything, becomes suddenly yours. You don’t need to do any of that. You don’t need to do completion, you don’t need to do detoxification, you don’t need to do any of these kriyas, piriyas, poriyas, ariyas….jigu jigu jagu jagu all….! Nothing is required.

Simply you know, whatever he has is mine because he is mine. I tell you: Whatever was given to me by my Guru Arunagiri Yogishwara, I’ll share it with you all without holding anything back.

I’ll describe precisely how the Kailaasa is:

Listen to this description and contemplate on it, connect with it, you will experience it.

See: You see many of the photographs taken by NASA, and many telescopes, from the space station and the Science Fiction movies and all that. Whole background is dark and the suns, stars all of it look like light. Flickering light. How you get the pictures, videos of the Cosmos…it’s like a black dark background, in darkness, the stars and suns and moons are like a light point.

Understand: Kailaasa is just the other way. Full of light; extreme light. All these stars everything l looks like dark spot…small small small flies…!

First visualize how this Bhu mandala looks — This Bhu mandala is already portrayed and photographed, videographed by this NAASA and other space organizations and it is already available to you all. It is just the opposite! The whole thing is extreme! Extreme Light! Understand: Even if you try to visualize this, your third eye will open. It will start just…tatak, that’s all! I tell you, if you just breathe this Kailaasa light…. I’m going to open the Kailaasa light to all of you now…the whole Kailaasa space. Just breathe this space.

Please sit straight and close your eyes and internally hum the Mahavakya; no need to chant but vibrate, reverberate yourself in Mahavakya: Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham and see the whole Cosmos as Extreme Light. Inhale that Light of Kailaasa and exhale that Light, be filled with that Light, disappear into that Light. Kailaasa Jyothi… Shuddha Svayamprakasha Jyothi… where the moons and planets and Solar systems look like a small dark spot.

Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham….{meditation begins} Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham….

Paramashiva is opening himself to all of us. Inhale Kailaasa. Exhale Kailaasa. Dissolve into Kailaasa. Disappear into the Kailaasa Jyothi. Jnaana Peruveli Shuddha Svayamaprakasha Paramashiva Paramporule

Inhale Kailaasa, Exhale Kailaasa, Reverberate with Mahavakya: Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham. Experience Kailaasa. Inhale Kailaasa. Disappear into Kailaasa.

Let Paramashiva manifest Kailaasa in all of us and awaken our Third Eyes…Manifest the State, Space, Powers and Being and Superconsciousness of Paramashiva… Om Nithyananda Paramashivoham…

I bless you all. Let us all radiate with integrity, authenticity, responsibility, enriching, causing, living Shuddhadvaita Shaivam, Paramashivoham, the eternal bliss, Nithyananda. Thank you. Be blissful.



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