Around the age of ten, The Avatār started going to Sri Ramanasramam in Tiruvannamalai. On one of these occasions, a family member took him to meet Annamalai Swamigal. His meeting with Annamalai Swamigal and the subsequent happenings at the age of twelve are described here in His own words.

“Once I went to listen to him talking. He was talking spiritual truths from the Advaita Vedānta philosophy. I will tell you roughly what I understood from his words. I can’t say this is what he said, but I can say this is what I heard! ‘We are not the body; there is no pain or suffering for us.’

When I heard those words, I got a clear shock! I got a feeling of understanding, something from the bottom of my stomach… like how, when I speak thousands of words, a few words grip you…you can never forgot those words and they keep resonating inside you, right? Like that, it started resonating within me: ‘I am not the body, I am not the mind, I am something beyond this.’

The word was working on Me so powerfully, the word took cognizance of Me. It was so strong on Me, I started contemplating! One day it became too much. I wanted to find out the truth. I wanted to experiment on Myself, whether I have pain or not. I ran, picked up a shaving razor — those days it will be like a long handle on which you will insert a blade and shave — I took My father’s razor, pulled up My trouser and cut My right thigh — a deep and long cut!

Anyhow, at that time I did not have any technique or methodology or idea of how to go beyond pain. So naturally, when I cut my thigh, and the blood started oozing out. I was very angry with Annamalai Swamigal, because I was heavily scolded at home for doing what I did.

At the tender age of 12, His Divine Holiness had the most profound experience of 360-degree-vision while seated on a rock in a hilltop called Pavazha kundru in the sacred town of Tiruvannamalai, His birthplace. It was the evening twilight time of 20th of May 1989, an auspicious full moon day (Poornima) in the Tamil month of Vaikasi on the occurrence of the star Vishakha.

The pictures below 1) Pictured below is *the hilltop location Pavazha Kundru, *the rock called “Paramasiva Shila” (Paramasiva — Primordial Hindu Divinity; Shila — rock or stone) on which the enlightenment experience happened, 2) a photograph of His Divine Holiness seated on the very rock a few years after the experience and the yearly celebrations at Pavazha Kundru by His disciples on the anniversary day of the enlightenment experience called Nithyananda Poornima (Poornima — full moon)

The Adi Shakti Temple at Pavazhakundru. Pavazhakundru was the very spot where Devi Adishakti Herself achieved the state of Oneness with Paramashiva.

His Divine Holiness seated on the coral rock, deep in meditation.

His Divine Holiness being worshipped by thousands of disciples at Pavazhakundru where He had His first experience of enlightenment.

A monk and disciple of His Diving Holiness performing worship to the sacred rock.

Celebration at Pavazhakundru with His Divine Holiness and all his disciples.

Celebration at Pavazhakundru with His Divine Holiness and all his disciples.

Celebration at Pavazhakundru with His Divine Holiness and all his disciples.

Celebration at Pavazhakundru with His Divine Holiness and all his disciples.

Pavazhakundru after the daily worship performed by disciples.

The enlightenment experience awakened the Third Eye located between the two eyes, which enabled the 360-degree vision. The Third Eye enables one to see beyond the two eyes and in any direction, including remote vision. Today, His Divine Holiness is awakening the Third Eye of millions of people who are able to see through the awakened Third Eye and express a host of spiritual powers such as: reading blindfolded, remote vision, healing powers, ability to scan bodies for disease and diagnosis even without knowledge of human anatomy, ability to download knowledge directly from the Cosmic archives on any chosen subject, and so on. Thus, the enlightened civilization “Kailaasa” that existed once upon a time, where expressing spiritual powers was a lifestyle, is back on the planet with the advent of His Divine Holiness. This is referred to as the “revival of Kailaasa”.

The spiritual initiation for awakening the Third Eye is back on the Planet after a very long period. During the times of the Mahabharat war, Sanjaya saw the Mahabharat war through the awakened Third Eye (remote vision) and gave a first hand description of it to the blind King Dhritarashtra. it was a pure spiritual power manifestation done by him. After that, it is only now that Third Eye Awakened disciples of His Divine are manifesting the power back again on the Planet.

His Divine Holiness is being recognised worldwide for His breakthrough contributions to Human Consciousness and living. On 19th of October, 2017 the City of Montclair, USA declared October 18th 2017 as “Paramahamsa Nithyananda Day”. The Mayor Pro Temple of Montclair Carolyn Raft presented the proclamation from the City Council which cited the contribution of HDH to Superconscious evolution of humanity by reviving Veda-Agamic tradition of Sanatana Hindu Dharma via Third Eye Awakening and Manifesting Shaktis (Extraordinary Powers). The proclamation was signed by Mayor Paul M Eaton, and issued jointly with the members of the city council. Council Member Bill Ruh was also present on the occasion, as was Mr. Harry Sidhu from Anaheim who had not only served for 8 years on the Anaheim City Council but also served as Mayor Pro Temple of Anaheim three times.

The certificate recognises His Divine Holiness as an Incarnation of superconsciousness, and acknowledge his immense contribution to the conscious evolution of humanity through the revival of Vedic sciences given in our ancient scriptures.

Below is the description of the enlightenment experience at age 12, in His own words:

“Listen! Please come to the space of listening! I will describe what exactly happened at the age of twelve.

On this very day, in the evening, I went to Arunācala hill. At the foothills of Arunācala, there is a hillock called Kumaran Kundram. It is locally called Pavazha kundru or Coral rock. This is the rock on which I was sitting. It is a very beautiful place, a very powerful place, where Devi herself became enlightened! It is the place where Devi Parvati did tapas (penance) and became enlightened, so there is still an Ardhanareeshwara (deity representing union of Shiva and Parvati) temple there. The place has a strong connection with the spiritual energy.

As usual, I went and sat on one rock. It was just a casual… usually I would sit here, there, here, there. Somehow, that day, I sat on one rock — which has become a teerthakshetra (pilgrimage spot) now for all our devotees and disciples! Whenever I found the time, I will go and spend time in that space, in that area, because Devi became enlightened there. My Guru Vibhutānanda Puri always used to say, ‘This is Devi’s energy space, Devi’s energy field.’ So I always used to go and sit there.


To tell you honestly, I was not even doing some serious meditation. I can say that, in a way, the whole ambiance was so calm, so beautiful, I just decided to close My eyes. Once I closed My eyes, the intensity of My yearning started taking Me over.

The Kāṭhopaniṣad declares, śraddhā viveca; śraddhā (authenticity) just took over Nachiketa (the child hero of the Kāṭhopaniṣad)! All of you know how fear takes you over; how greed takes you over. When fear takes you over, when you have a panic attack, you just do things that you always feel guilty and ashamed about later on. When greed takes you over, you do things which you can never logically justify, even to yourself. But when authenticity takes you over, it is ten thousand times more intense; it is called satori!


My sincere seeking — that overpowered Me! That is the right word I should use. I just felt, ‘What is it that I am seeking? Who is the Me who is seeking? Who is the Me who is deeply discontented about anything I see or hear? Who is it who is deeply discontented even about My own existence? Who am I who is so discontented about My own existence?’

It was such a strong taking-over! When the whole being took over, ‘Who am I who is experiencing this deep discontentment, this suffocation?’ — I could see very clearly, that heaviness just went into the depths of the Consciousness.


Suddenly, one moment, the first thing that happened is, that idea ‘inside’ and ‘outside’ just broke! The inner space and outer space broke.

Between sunset and moonrise, meaning after 4.30 pm and before 6.00 pm…. that was the time… I felt as if I was being pulled inside… something was getting crushed, and something else was getting created… It was like a vessel inside getting broken and a door opening, both together at the same time..! It was a feeling of creation and destruction at the same time… a very pleasurable feeling… a feeling of calmness… maybe around 5.00 to 5:30 pm… It was a sudden click!

Please listen: It was not a step by step experience. Suddenly, something opened in Me. Let’s say you are trying to connect two pipes, and you are struggling, struggling… When water comes out from the other side of the pipe, suddenly you know that the pipes are connected! Exactly like that, I suddenly knew that something had opened inside Me.

I was actually sitting with closed eyes. So now I know who the experiencer is. I could experience life, being alive, being present in everything. With My eyes closed, I could see literally all the sides — 360 degrees horizontally, and 360 degrees vertically! Not only was I able to see on one side the Pavalakundru temple, in front of Me the hill, and the other side the main Arunācaleśvara temple, but every plant, stone, the sky above Me, the rock below… I still remember… I am not even remembering now, I am literally reliving it..! I was able to see the WHOLE at a time, simultaneously… without turning My head or opening My eyes! I realized that I was one with the whole of Existence and everything was I! It was as if the tree in front of Me became my bone, and the sky above became My nerves!”

When I understood, not only was I able to see, but I also felt, I experienced, that the whole thing is ME. I was ALIVE. How powerfully alive you are inside your skin — if someone touches you, you know it — how alive you are inside your skin, with that same depth of life, of being alive, I felt with everything: the stone, plants, hill, temple, with everything.

Understand: As of now, you feel life only inside your skin. You do not feel the life inside the chair in which you are sitting. When your third eye opens, when the boundary between you and the chair disappears, when the inner chattering disappears, you will feel the same life, same intensity which you feel inside your skin, inside this chair also.

I felt that the skin of the rock on which I was sitting, and the skin of this body, both carry Me equally, in both I exist equally! Both carry me equally! In both I exist equally! The air, the breeze, the setting sun, rising moon, the whole Arunācala Hill, all the plants, bushes, shrubs, trees — everything, everything, everything just became so alive! The idea that something is ‘inside’ and something is ‘outside’ was completely lost!

First, I was able to see all the ten directions, 360 degrees. The next moment itself, I realized that not only I am able to see, but I am able to experience all of that as Me! And I didn’t feel vulnerable; I felt powerful, so powerful! I just know I am that Oneness, the Existence! There is no ‘inner’, there is no ‘outer’, there is no ‘moving’, there is no ‘unmoving’. The smallest movements of these plants is My movement, and the highest stillness of the center of the Cosmos is My stillness. What you call ‘near’, what you call ‘far off, those concepts are lost. What you call as inside you, outside you, those ideas are forgotten. This lasted for around one-and-a half-hours. It was not merely a visualization; I was actually seeing it this way.”

The Proclamation message from the Mayor of Montclair, Carolyn Raft, commemorating HDH for reviving the powerful Third Eye awakening and other spiritual power manifestation initiations on the Planet. 4) Remaining pictures feature the Pavazha Kundru location functioning as a powerful energy center, visited and worshiped by millions of followers of His Divine Holiness from around the world.

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Autobiography Of The Avatar from KAILASA

His Divine Holiness Bhagavan Nithyananda Paramashivamis the reviver of KAILASA-the ancient enlightened civilization, the great cosmic borderless Hindu Nation